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Remembrance Day, Sat. Nov.11, 2017

November 11, 2017

On Saturday Nov. 11, 2017, we pay tribute to our Canadian soldiers, peacekeepers, servicemen and women who have sacrificed so that we may live free and proud in this great country.
Remembrance Day is our day that for nearly a century has commemorated the ultimate sacrifice made by Canadians in their brave defense for peace, security, freedom and honour.

November 11, 1918, 99 years ago, marked the end of World War 1 and is a day on which Canadians wear the poppy proudly over our hearts in thanks to all of our courageous souls who have fought and died, then, and now.

We are fortunate, we are quietly proud, we are thankful, we will always remember.

Pause and remember, shake a hand, say thank you and be proud of what Canada stands for here and around the world.

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