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Why Every University Should Have LED Display Signage

October 8, 2018

Universities are responsible for keeping both students and faculty members informed and up to date. The information communicated ranges from campus events, cafeteria menus, schedule changes, safety warnings and more.  Universities that install the latest technology in LED display signage can handle this responsibility with confidence.  Digital signage provides an efficient and modern way to communicate effectively with students and staff members at any time of the day.

For organized university communications, an integrated campus-wide LED display signage platform is the answer. These signs and the associated technology are effectively used in industries across the globe. Think retail malls, restaurants, hospitals, airports… all of these make use of the latest LED display technology.

3 Reasons Your University Needs LED Display Signage

Knowing that digital signage is effective is often not enough to drive the message home to the decision-makers on campus. Below are 3 reasons why your university (and all others) should have LED display signage:

1.     Reach A Wider Audience, Guaranteed!
Almost-deserted campus intranets, over-crowded bulletin boards, pamphlets and fliers often don’t make it into the hands of all those who need the info displayed on them. With strategically placed LED displays, you can reach a wider audience at various times of the day. More people will get the information that they need and won’t have to go too far or put in much effort to get it either.

2.     Easy to Use Interface and Immediate Access to Content
While the audience is vastly important, those managing the content are important too. With the latest LED display signage systems and technology, user interfaces are easy to use, content is simple to access, and it can all be done from one cloud-based portal. It simplifies the entire process for those in charge of announcements and the spreading of information.

3.     Cost Saving
We all know that Smart TVs and digital systems cost money, but when you consider the cost compared to a multi-platform approach, you will realize the savings that the university can benefit from over time.

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