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What should your sign installation services include?

July 9, 2018

Large sign installations are highly technical projects and you should be aware of what sign installation services are hallmarks of top signage companies such as Provincial Sign Systems.

Expert sign installation technicians

The most important aspect of your physical sign installation is the level of skill and proficiency employed. Sign installation requires highly trained technicians who don’t have only the requisite sign erection and installation skills, but extra qualifications such as First Aid and Crane Operation.

Large signage installation could expose a business to the possibility of lawsuits if someone gets injured on the job or added and unnecessary costs if something goes wrong. You never want to ‘skimp’ on the value of the expert technical services provided by properly trained and dedicated signage technicians.

Value-added services

There is more to signage installation than simply putting it up. The highest quality professional sign installation companies also offer value-added sign installation services in addition to the basic sign installation. These services include:

Start to follow-up project management

A dedicated Project Coordinator who takes responsibility for your signage project, from the concept stage through to design, engineering, installation and further to follow-ups and maintenance. You will get the signage you want, with the impact you need, while enjoying the peace-of-mind afforded by the professional overseeing of the entire project.

Design & engineering

Signage that meets fabrication and safety codes requires expert industrial and structural designers who know how to meet the requirements you need to get your signage permits while meeting your creative expectations and business needs.

Permits & surveys

Surveying and obtaining permits can be a headache, but efficiently navigating these aspects to putting up large signage are crucial. A one-stop signage installation service will do this for you, along with the design and engineering required to get the permits.

Follow-up services & 24-hour emergency response

The service doesn’t end at the point where your sign is up. Follow-up inspections and maintenance is a crucial part of the services offered by top signage companies. Part of that is a commitment to 24 hour emergency response if something happens to your sign.

Do you need signage and a company that will take care of every aspect of your signage installation for you from concept to completion and follow up? Contact Provincial Sign Systems today.

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