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The Importance of Wayfinding Signs For Retail Centres, Theme Parks, Hospitals and Offices | Advice from Your Local Sign Company

November 12, 2018

Have you ever been to a mall, hospital or airport and searched desperately for directions? Finding your way would be impossible without effective Wayfinding signage. If you are not too sure that wayfinding signs are important in retail centres, theme parks, hospitals and offices, imagine the anxiety of an emergency without it.

Other Reasons Why Wayfinding Signs Are So Important
While wayfinding signs help people find their way and keep them from getting lost, there are other reasons why these signs are important to you and your business. Wayfinding is considered a vital part of a business facility, and with the right branding, it can do much more for your business than simply providing directional signage to customers. Just ask the top sign companies how truly effective this type of signage is for a business’ reputation, image and branding.

Wayfinding signs also help to provide a unique guest experience while helping customers understand the space that they are navigating, helping patrons to feel completely comfortable and eliminating any anxiety from the experience while doing so. In addition, incorporating wayfinding will keep your business up to date with disability access guidelines and with compliance.  (Businesses are required by law to provide accessibility and directional signage).

What Is Considered A Good Wayfinding Sign System?
When a customer enters your business, whether it is a retail store, hospital or office space, wayfinding signs help them to make immediate and comfortable decisions. Effective wayfinding sign installation ensures that you can answer 3 pertinent questions for customers.

1. Where am I?

2. Where am I going?

3. How do I get there?

Wayfinding signs come in various forms from digital LED directional signs to LCD touch screen systems. However, it is not just about display screens. Some environments, such as a hospital or theatre, can benefit from other applications such as lighted lines running the length of corridors and illumination highlighting exit/escape routes.

Understanding the importance of wayfinding signs in all industries is key.  Get in touch with your local sign company today.  You can contact us via email or telephone for more product information and advice during regular business hours.

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