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How to Design a High-impact Transit Shelter Sign

August 20, 2018

Placing an advertisement poster or Digital sign in a transit shelter has become a popular and affordable way in which to draw attention to your business and its offering. A transit shelter Adcan, static or digital sign, may be all that you need to increase sales this month – as long as you design it strategically.  Here are some top tips by Provincial Sign Systems, the leading transit-shelter …

The 5 Advantages of Digital Signage

August 6, 2018

Digital signage is useful inside and outside business premises. When utilized inside the business, Digital is a great way to advertise specials and discounts, and to communicate important information to visitors. If you are considering investing money in digital signage solutions, here are five reasons why you can be sure that it will be money well spent: 1. Flexibility Unlike print signage …

6 qualities of the most effective LED display signs

July 23, 2018

While LED signage is indisputably the most effective, versatile and in almost any application, the most attractive signage available today, not all LED display signs are made equal. There’s a huge variety of LED signage out there, and the scope for custom-signage is as endless as that of traditional signage. You’ll want to make your signage stand out the way the LED display signs from Provinc …

What should your sign installation services include?

July 9, 2018

Large sign installations are highly technical projects and you should be aware of what sign installation services are hallmarks of top signage companies such as Provincial Sign Systems. Expert sign installation technicians The most important aspect of your physical sign installation is the level of skill and proficiency employed. Sign installation requires highly trained technicians who don …

Let a top sign company handle your project from permits to project management

June 25, 2018

With over 40 years in the industry, Provincial Sign Systems is the sign company that has become the go-to company for digital signage, retail signage transit shelter signage, and handles signage projects from concept to completion. When considering what goes into signage, many people think about the actual graphic design or LCD technology of the sign. Very few people stop to contemplate the si …

Great design tips to incorporate in your LED display signage

June 11, 2018

Designing great LED display signage is a completely different ball-game when compared to static billboards. The team at Provincial Signs provide some of the best design tips that any company should consider when designing state-of-the-art digital billboard signage: Choose the right fonts and sizes Fonts visibility can look very different on digital screens. It’s vital that your audience i …

Is Your Franchise Expanding? You Need a Quality Sign Company

May 21, 2018

Franchise marketing is very different to other types of B2B or B2C marketing. If your franchise is expanding, then you need an experienced sign company that can provide the high-impact branding solutions that you need. Signage that forward-thinking franchises are investing in include: Digital signage,Outdoor digital led products,Billboards,Wall media,Transit shelter signage, andMultimedia b …

How to Build Your Brand through Billboard Signs

May 7, 2018

Everyone has seen billboard signs. While some people think they are an eyesore, they are becoming aesthetically more pleasing and spectacular and they are a part of the core and fabric of many cities and towns across the world. Most successful and growing companies are investing in digital signage marketing with less investment on ads in magazines and other types of print form. When building b …

How to Find the Right Signage Company for A City-Wide Marketing Campaign

April 16, 2018

While some brands are discussing the pros-and-cons of flyer printing or updating their websites, other brands are thinking about large-scale experiential campaigns that have the potential to embed their companies in the hearts and minds of their target audience. A city-wide marketing campaign can have a profound impact on your brand and your bottom line. When embarking on a city-wide marketing …

A Guide to PROVISION – Revolutionary LED Display Signage

April 2, 2018

LED displays and digital signage are revolutionizing the marketing industry. Why invest in static messaging when you can have a dynamic branding vehicle that can be updated and changed as you see fit? Whether you are in the retail, media, advertising or another sector, it’s time to start investigating digital displays. Provincial Sign Systems has created its own premium high-quality digital …

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