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Great design tips to incorporate in your LED display signage

June 11, 2018

Designing great LED display signage is a completely different ball-game when compared to static billboards. The team at Provincial Signs provide some of the best design tips that any company should consider when designing state-of-the-art digital billboard signage:

Choose the right fonts and sizes

Fonts visibility can look very different on digital screens. It’s vital that your audience is able to easily read the text from far away. Experiment with different fonts and font sizes such as serif and sans serif as well as italics and bold font types. Using too many different font sizes isn’t advisable, so try to choose two font sizes that will help your message stand out. It is also advisable to avoid using all uppercase unless it adds to the legibility of your message.

Don’t overcrowd your LED display

It’s easy to see why some brands want to fit as much information as possible into their LED display sign design but an overcrowded sign will adversely affect what you’re trying to achieve. Make sure there is space around any text or imagery that you are using. All of the elements in the design need to be able to ‘breathe’ in order to be taken in by readers.

Moving text

You will see moving text on many news websites and news stations. This rolling reel of text naturally draws a person’s attention so consider adding this to your LED display signage if it’s something that could benefit your campaign or company.


The general rule of thumb with LED signage and colour is that ‘less is more’. Use complementary palettes and contrasting colours to make sure the text is readable.

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