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6 qualities of the most effective LED display signs

July 23, 2018

While LED signage is indisputably the most effective, versatile and in almost any application, the most attractive signage available today, not all LED display signs are made equal. There’s a huge variety of LED signage out there, and the scope for custom-signage is as endless as that of traditional signage. You’ll want to make your signage stand out the way the LED display signs from Provincial Sign Systems do.

Take note of the following 6 most important LED signage characteristics that your LED display needs to have to be at its most effective.

LED display signs With the right Lumens for the ideal Illumination

LED signs can be bright enough to be used outdoors day and night; if the illumination level is high enough, they will display as well in the sunshine as they do at night. This makes them the most effective signage for shopfronts and billboard signage.

The illumination power of an LED is measured in lumens. You don’t want too many lumens for a sign inside a clothing shop with dimmed lighting, for example, but if need your sign to light up a dark passageway or attract the attention of motorists, day and night, you will need high lumens.

Shorter Pitch for a Sharper Image

Where ‘pitch’ refers to the distance between the center point of one LED diode and the next one, the smaller the pitch, the more closely placed the LEDs are, and therefore the more LEDs can be grouped as one ‘pixel’.

The more LEDs grouped in a pixel, and the closer the pitch between pixels, the sharper the image will be. LED signs to come with varying pitch configurations – from ‘loose’ for certain applications to ‘tight’ for the highest resolution signage.

Tight Matrix

An effective LED display should have as many pixels arranged vertically as it does horizontally. Known as a matrix, this arrangement will enable your text to move in both directions and will add to the image resolution – making it clear even from a short distance.

Wide Angle LEDs

The way the beam of light exits a diode is also an important aspect of top quality LED signage. Although you should take application into consideration again, the most effective signage will have wide angle LED’s so that you don’t to be standing right in front of the sign to see its details.

Right Colors for a Professionally Designed LED Display

While it’s generally agreed that colour LED signage has more impact than monochrome, the most effective signage will have the right colour balance. This is where professional design comes into your signage. in some cases, the right colour balance may, in fact, be monochrome!

Professionally Designed

A sign is just like any other advertisement. It needs to be professionally designed. However, when it comes to outdoor LED signage, there’s more to design than what it would look like dead-on, to a stationary observer, in a particular light. Signage design is a specific field and the most effective LED displays are designed by your one-stop signage company.

Need LED signage from a top-quality sign company? Then contact Provincial Sign Systems today.

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