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Environmental Sustainability and Green Thinking

Environmental sustainability is about making responsible decisions that will reduce our business negative impact on the environment. Our designs focus on minimizing energy usage while finding innovative ways to use environment friendly technologies and materials wherever possible. Provincial Sign Systems is continuously looking for ways to reduce, re-use and recycle while considering best practices for sustainability. Provincial Sign Systems works hand in hand with emissions control and measurements companies and ensures that all emission requirements by the Ministry of Environment are met. Our quality paints are automotive grade and are lead free and poly-iso-cyanate free.

Our CWB Certified welding department is filtration vented supplied with a state of the art Smog Hog filtering systems. The facilities are heated with Radiant Heating that is far more efficient than gas or electric heating. The paint booths are supplied with a Fresh Air Make up system and all solvents are disposed by Waste Management Inc, with whom we contract all of our environmental and disposal issues.

Our company encourages the reduction of paper products and we have an effective Blue Box Recycling program, visible in every office and every workstation within the company. All discarded paper materials are sorted and shredded, and our Cleaning Services Company has accepted their night cleaning contract knowing they must be fully compliant with our disposal procedures. In 2007, Provincial Sign Systems converted all office lighting to energy efficient T8 lamping.

LED vs Fluorescent Lighting

As an industry leader in LED technology, Provincial Sign Systems promotes the use of high efficient LED (Light Emitting Diode) within the company and in our products, significantly decreasing power consumption, saving money and the environment, as a longer lasting lighting solution.

Continuous Improvement

Provincial Sign Systems actively engages employees in a two –way, open door, exchange of ideas with regards to our operations, responsibilities and policies. Provincial Sign Systems has a Continuous Improvement Committee and all employees are encouraged to make suggestions that they feel will improve the overall operation and/or corporate responsibility of our company to help increase quality while reducing our carbon footprint.

Head Office

1655 Feldspar Crt. Pickering
Ontario, Canada L1W 3R7

Phone: (905) 837-1791
Fax: (905) 837-1799
Toll Free: (800) 260-3014