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It is our sincere pleasure to introduce you to Provincial Sign Systems. Thank you for taking the time to consider our company and visit our website. The signage and media industry is changing rapidly. The advancements in digital technology in the past five years surpass the total progress we have seen in the sign industry in our previous 40 years as a company. Digital research and advancements in LED and LCD technology are rapidly changing the advertising landscape and increasing the world’s ability to target their markets and communicate their brand. Combined with social media, the world of advertising has become a whole new medium for communication and interaction. The possibilities are impressive and it is my promise that Provincial Sign Systems is up for the task. Provincial Sign Systems, always innovative, always an industry leader, is investing in the future of this new and exciting digital media landscape. We are proud to announce our new Digital Signage Division and the development of our exciting PROVISION product line. As is the case with all of our signage, our digital products are of the highest quality and are manufactured to be the best performing signs in the industry. We have invested in the research and in the people to bring products to market that exceed our client’s needs and expectations for performance. The highest quality components and our dedication to customer satisfaction remain our highest priorities. Our reputation for quality, integrity and professionalism depends on it. We know how important your brand is and we ensure your brand is consistent, brilliant and bold.

Our strength is in our people. Provincial Sign Systems is a company of energy and vision and our employees are dedicated, accessible, talented and friendly. In addition to our great team, we have continued to expand our state of the art facilities. We welcome a visit from you and your team at any time. You can tour our 85,000 square ft. plant in Pickering, Ontario and meet our talented designers, fabricators, coordinators and our management team.

Provincial Sign Systems is proud of our growing reputation as a leader in illuminated structural signage, outdoor media, digital signage, transit shelters and street furniture, however, we will never forget our one- on- one promise to our clients, a promise that was started 40 years ago. We believe in developing long term relationships that benefit and educate everyone and we would especially enjoy a business relationship with you.


Provincial Sign Systems

Head Office

1655 Feldspar Crt. Pickering
Ontario, Canada L1W 3R7

Phone: (905) 837-1791
Fax: (905) 837-1799
Toll Free: (800) 260-3014